Bold Prediction – The 2017 Cubs Will Achieve What Only 7 Modern Era Teams Have Done

I’m definitely no expert when it comes to baseball but I think it’d be fair to say I know a thing. Maybe two. Let’s get shit straight, though. I’m a Cubs fan. I like bold predictions and high expectations because anything less is garbage. Realistic when it comes to sports? Booooooooring!

My bold prediction is the Cubs become the 8th team in the “modern era”, which is baseball post-1901, to score 1,000+ runs in a season. The only team to do it since 1950 was the 1999 Cleveland Indians. Last year, the Cubs underperformed in my opinion on the offensive side of the ball and scored 808 runs good for 3rd in MLB. On this prediction some will say, “not happening!”, because we are an NL team and pitchers can’t hit. F that. See below folks….

I don’t care if it’s spring training; that shit went 465 feet!

We will be adding this to our lineup for hopefully a healthy 162. See below…

If he is healthy, I expect 35+ home runs from this tank.

Then there’s the guys I believe will break out big time to indeed make this feat possible.

Both these guys are in line for BIG years offensively. This will contradict me earlier in the article, but I don’t care; 25+ dingers for both is more than doable.

The final factor is Jason Heyward. There is not a shot in hell this guy bats for a .230 avg with 49 RBI’s. No chance. Zilch. He will hit for a .260 avg. and progress back to his normal offensive averages.

There are zero holes in this lineup. None. Nada. That is a nightmare for opposing pitchers and they will legitimately shit their pants when they step on the mound to face this team.

Scoring 1,000 runs rings nicely with #ThatsCub.

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