The Bulls Are On TNT Tonight

If you follow the Bulls you might be aware of the their connection to TNT. It’s bonkers. Absurd. Otherworldly. Whatever ridiculous adjective you want to toss in front of it. The Bulls are on an 18-0 regular season winning streak on Thursday night games televised on TNT at the United Center. Like what the hell kind of streak is that?

The Bulls are a mess of a team including their trash front office with their record at 35-39. Yet somehow this TNT on Thursday steak has seen them beat elite opponents. This year the streak has continued with wins over the Warriors, Spurs, and Celtics twice! Literally the best teams in the NBA. Tonight they host the Cavs who have played some of their worst basketball in the month of March setting up for what could be another win on this crazy run.

Based on this little gem that Ja Rule is up in the UC bumping fists with Jimmy is almost a guarantee the streak continues. See Red.

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