The White Sox Food Game: A++

While the White Sox continue to build and acquire young talent they need to find creative ways to get folks excited about coming to Guaranteed Rate Field. This is nothing new as the White Sox have stepped up their food game over the last few years complete with buckets of ice cream and bacon on a stick blah blah blah.

For 2017 they have stepped up to the plate and called their shot directly at your arteries!

A 16 inch Grilled Cheese Brisket filled with Mac and Cheese? I know your heart hurts but your tastebuds are like fuck yes!

I mean who doesn’t want a half pound of bacon on their burger?

Latin Vegetable Salad. They had to have this or the vegans will cry. Tacos, Chicken Marg Sandwiches!

The White Sox definitely hit a Giancarlo Stanton home run on this part of their stadium experience.

Grade: A++

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