Key Dates for Early Cubs Games Without Breaking the Bank




The Cubs finally won the world series after what some might call a drought. It was pretty damn fun even some of you White Sox fans might agree. Winning is fun of course but also comes with consequences notably increased ticket prices. This sucks for us millennials with student debt, or trying to start a family, or trying to save for whatever. It also sucks for the average joe working his ass off to provide for his or her family. So I figured why not toss out a few dates you can go on the cheap!

  • Fri. 4/7 Cubs @ Brewers: 7:10 at Miller Park in Milwaukee. $16 on Stubhub.
  • Sat. 4/8 Cubs @ Brewers: 6:10 at Miller Park in Milwaukee. $21 on Stubhub (Kyle Hendricks slated to start this game)
  • Thu. 4/13 Dodgers @ Cubs: 1:20 at Wrigley Field. $10 on Stubhub
  • Fri. 4/14 Pirates @ Cubs: 1:20 at Wrigley Field. $18 on Stubhub (This is also Good Friday so if you’re off can be a real good deal)

I put the Milwaukee games in because you can tailgate, its an hour/15 mins away, and it’ll be warm. Just a few games to get you started but these prices go all the way through early May for most weekday games. I would bundle up because even though its Spring you’re still likely to freeze your ass off. Once June rolls around and the Cubs not only start playing well but it gets warmer out demand will rise and prices will go up. Crazy concept this supply/demand thing.

*All White Sox games come at a Guaranteed Rate of cheap.*

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